• California State Sheriff's Association - California State Sheriffs' Association (CSSA) is a nonprofit professional organization comprised of the 58 sheriffs along with thousands of law-abiding citizens throughout the state. The association was formed in 1894 for the purpose of giving California sheriffs a single effective voice. It was also formed for the purpose of sharing information and providing assistance to sheriffs and departmental personnel, thus enabling them to improve the delivery of law enforcement services to the citizens of this State.
  • Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office - With its roots embedded in Spanish California, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has always been a reflection of the community it serves. Founded in 1850, it stands with the oldest law enforcement agencies in the state.
  • MHSOAC - Together We Can - Video of Sheriff Bill Brown, a Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commissioner, introducing the MHSOAC’s new report on Criminal Justice and Mental Illness.