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Dear Friends,

I have been privileged to be elected three times previously by the people of Santa Barbara County to serve as Sheriff and Coroner. I am now running for re-election and I ask again for your vote on June 5, 2018.

I am humbled by the tremendous support I’ve received in this re-election campaign. Hundreds of people from across the political spectrum and from all walks of life have already endorsed me for re-election. I would be honored to add you to that list.

As we move toward the June election, I will run a positive campaign focusing on my qualifications, my record, and the collective accomplishments I have achieved along with the fine men and women I am honored to lead.

In my next term I will:

  • Continue to work hard for you to keep our county safe by making sure our top priority is having properly trained and equipped deputy sheriffs on our streets and custody deputies working in our jails.
  • Open the new Northern Branch Jail, which is currently under construction and will open in the early summer of 2019. This state of the art facility was made possible by $80 million in state funding obtained under my leadership. This project has brought hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue to Santa Barbara County. The jail has been designed to enhance the rehabilitation and successful re-entry of criminal offenders back into our communities. (View aerial view of Northern Branch Jail construction progress)
  • Continue to guide the Sheriff’s Office through the most severe financial challenges it has ever faced. Despite losing 90 General Fund employees since 2007 due to County budget shortfalls, under my leadership the Sheriff’s Office has continued to provide vital, high quality public safety services in an exemplary manner.
  • Carry on working diligently and collaboratively with other County departments and community-based organizations to improve treatment and divert mentally ill people from the criminal justice system. I chaired a committee on the state’s Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission that developed a report on how to do just that. (View Report Here)
  • Work with the Board of Supervisors and County CEO to restore some of the many Sheriff’s Office positions lost during the County’s prolonged economic crisis.

To accomplish these and many other goals I ask for your support. Please join our campaign and help re-elect me with your vote on June 5th.


Sheriff - Coroner
Santa Barbara County